Social Media Resume

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  • I graduated from James Madison University (JMU) located in Harrisonburg, Virginia in May 2011.
  • I earned a Bachelor of Science in Media Arts and Design with a concentration in Corporate Communication.  Media Arts and Design has taught me to use my creativity along with the different skills I have learned in my classes.  Along with Media Arts and Design, I  also received a minor in Art History.  I was on the Dean’s List in the spring semester of 2008 and 2011.
  • I have taken many classes at JMU that have given me valuable experiences.  Some of these classes include:  Fundamental Skills in Media Arts and Design I and II ( where I learned the Adobe Creative Suite package), Information and Communication Technologies, Media and Politics, Principles in Advertising, Print Communication Design, Corporate Communication Management, New Media and Society, and Technical and Science Communication.  For my minor, valuable courses that I have taken are Survey of World Art I and II and History of Design with an emphasis on graphic and industrial design, History of Photography, and History of Architecture.
  • In the classes listed above, I have learned how to use different Adobe programs including Adobe Photoshop, InDesign, and Illustrator.  I am also an expert with Microsoft Word, Power Point, and Excel.  My minor in Art History has helped me understand design more clearly.  I have studied different cultures and different styles of art.  These studies have shown me how design from all types of mediums are interrelated.


  • Currenlty, I am a Recruiting Assistant at AdamsGrayson, LegalSource.  We are responsible for staffing small and large scale eDiscovery projects in Washington, DC.  We place paralegals, JD’s, and attorneys in some of the nations top law firms and corporations.  My roles include everything from staffing 200 person projects to conducting one on one interviews.  I am responsible for verifying degrees and bar memberships, contacting references for each candidate, and making sure all their paperwork is in order.  I work closely with other members on my team as well as our candidates.  Having good communication and organization is key to this position.  Working in this fast paced enviroment has really helped me gain knowledge in recruiting.
  • In the summer of 2010, I had the opportunity to work for a civil engineering firm, PVE Sheffler located in Sewickley, Pennsylvania.  Along with civil engineering, PVE Sheffler also works in surveying, land planning, and structural design. In my position, I helped with general office work, wrote response letters, and answered phone calls.  This experience taught me proper corporate and phone etiquette.  I also had the opportunity to look at and comment on landscape design projects the company was working on.  I really enjoyed working in this environment.

“Lauren really caught on quickly and was always willing to do whatever needed to be done around the office.” –Crissie Sheffler, Personnel Director at PVE Sheffler

  • In the summer of 2009, I worked for Sporrer Law and Associates.  I assisted the attorneys by creating a file system for legal and real estate cases.  I also filed deeds of trusts at Courthouses in different counties in Western Pennsylvania.
  • While attending James Madison University, I was also an active member in Zeta Tau Alpha.  In 2010, I was given the opportunity to be the Advertising and Public Relations Co-Chair for the Breast Cancer Awareness Committee.  In this position, I was responsible for creating different fliers and banners to place around JMU’s campus and the Harrisonburg community.  Our goal was to help create awareness to the different events we held in 2010.  Some of these events included proceed nights at local restaurants, 5K Race, Big Man on Campus, lighting ceremony, Health and Wellness Fair and Survivor Night.  We also wanted to generate general awareness of breast cancer and the struggles survivors have gone through.  We ended up raising about $30,000 for breast cancer research.  In Zeta Tau Alpha, I was also on the 2010 Recruitment Committee.  I was in charge of creating morale programs for members during recruitment.  In 2009, I was on the New Member Committee.  On this committee, I helped the New Member Coordinator plan and set up different events.  All my positions in Zeta Tau Alpha helped better my communication and organizational skills.
  • I believe my volunteer experience  has made me very well rounded. While living in Harrisonburg, Virginia, I volunteered at Spotswood Elementary School.  While volunteering, I had the privilege to help disadvantaged children in math, reading, and English.  I believe volunteering my time will not only help the children but also me.
  • In March 2010, I had the opportunity to go on an alternative spring break trip.  My small group went to Charlotte, NC to shadow Teach for America teachers for a week in underprivileged schools.  I helped in a ninth grade algebra classroom.  I learned how teamwork both in and out of the classroom makes a stronger environment.  This is the same with businesses and corporations.  If everyone is on the same page, work will run much more smoothly.  It is important to have open communication between all employees.


  • E-Book on Blogs and Podcasts.  This group assignment was completed in the fall of 2010.  We researched, wrote,  and designed the book using Adobe Indesign.
  • Created a personal logo and business card using Adobe Illustrator CS5.  This was a class project in the Spring of 2011.  We were graded on our overall concept, execution, and presentation.  The business card is in both a vertical and horizontal layout.
  • Created a product brochure for mock client, National Gourmet.  This assignment consisted of designing an eight page spread including a front and back cover page.  My target audience was mothers who like to cook and bake with their small children.
  • In my principles of advertising class, my small group created a mock advertising campaign for Grooveshark.  Grooveshark is an online music search engine, music streaming service, and music recommendation web software application.  For this advertising campaign, we created a plan book including original print ads, videos, and radio ads.  The entire fall 2010 semester, my team has researched the ins and outs of the company and who their target markets are.  My specific responsibilities for this project was to research, help write the plan book, design the plan book, and create an original poster (also shown below) to put around colleges across the nation.  This project has taught me how to accomplish the different steps in an advertising campaign.

poster for an advertising campaign for Grooveshark Fall 2010

  • In the fall of 2009, I created a CD cover, inside sleeve, and a tray card.  When working on this project, I used Adobe Photoshop and InDesign.  We were given the opportunity to use our creativity and create any type of CD we wanted.  It was important the theme was consistent through all the design work and song selection.
  • Another project I completed was a magazine cover.  I decided to create a travel magazine.  I took an original photograph of mine and used it as the background.
  • In the class, Technical Science and Communication my group had to put together a proposal.  We decided to address youth smoking.  This proposal was addressed to tobacco companies.  We created polls to help us gather original research.
  • I also interviewed Joe Pezze and produced a video (check it out below!).  He is principal and part-owner of the Hillcrest Group, environmental consulting company.  This video is about the company’s thought process about starting their own corporate blog.  This video goes along with my blog subject and addresses why some companies are hesitant about starting a blog.


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